Our Leadership

Our Leadership

Eric's Bio

Eric Muhlenkamp and his wife Nance have three adult children.

Eric and Nance were raised in religious homes, but it wasn’t until 1994 that the gospel message was clearly presented to them and they came to a saving faith in Jesus Christ.

Eric worked as an engineer and manager at a local manufacturing company for more than 20 years. In 2001 he left that position to attend seminary at Trinity Evangelical Divinity where he graduated with an MDIV degree. He has been pastoring since that time. Eric and Nance, along with two other couples, joined together to plant Covenant Community Church in 2009.
Jed's Bio

Jed Francis and his wife Stephanie have five young children. Benjamin, Margaret, Violet, Titus, and Calvin.

Jed came to a saving faith in 2010 while attending a bible study that was hosted by Covenant Community Church. Stephanie soon followed in accepting Christ as her savior as she witnessed the transforming work of God in her husband’s life.

Jed worked at Coldwater Lumber and as an aspiring musician for ten years. In 2014, he began ministering full time as an associate pastor at Covenant and continues to be equipped for further ministry. He now serves as an elder of the church. Jed and Stephanie press on to keep the gospel of Jesus Christ the foundation of their home as they lead their children in the Lord.
Marion's Bio

Marion Hicks and his wife Marilyn (Skeet) have three adult children and ten grandchildren.

Marion and Skeet accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as their savior in 1981 and have been serving Him and His church faithfully since that time.

Marion has held many positions in manufacturing, and is currently employed as warehouse manager at a local company. He has served as an elder at Covenant Community Church since 2015.
Ryan's Bio

Ryan Huwer and his wife, Beth, have five young children: Braxton, Rya, Tylah, Emery, and Beau.

Both Ryan and Beth were raised in religious homes and are thankful for their upbringings. But it wasn’t until 2014, while attending a Bible study at Covenant Community Church, that the Holy Spirit truly transformed their hearts, and they both came to a saving faith in Jesus Christ.

Ryan is currently employed at Ansonia Local Schools as a High School Math Teacher, and has been serving as an Elder at Covenant Community Church since 2020.
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